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Business Concept & Vision

Business concept

Cassandra Oil's business concept is to produce environmentally friendly processing plants for recovery of oil and gas from materials containing high hydrocarbon levels and to establish partnerships with market leading waste management companies.


To become the leading technology for environmentally-sustainable extraction of oil from hydrocarbon-based waste. With an ever increasing consumption and production of plastic products landfills are filling up and reject plastic (plastic waste that doesn't qualify for any other type of recycling) piles up into mountains or in a best case scenario is incinerated. Laws and regulations are becoming more stringent and governments are forced to find new solutions. 
This problem can be solved with the CASO technology as vast amounts of waste can be dealt with on location, without any need of transportation on roads or across the sea, which also just augments damage to our environment in the long run.
Cassandra Oil's technology will be an important link in the circular economy.

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