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Cassandra Oil AB and Ragn-Sells AB form partnership


Stockholm, Sweden 17th July, 2015 – Cassandra Oil AB, the Swedish clean-tech company, and Ragn-Sells AB, one of Europe’s largest tyre recycling companies have signed a letter of intent to begin a collaboration on waste treatment through pyrolysis.

Cassandra Oil AB (CASO) owns proprietary rights and manufactures a technology for pyrolysis.

Ragn-Sells have control of large quantities of hydrocarbon-containing waste that is considered suitable for treatment with pyrolysis. Cassandra Oil's technology could provide greater environmental benefits compared to today's solutions and support the communities in their efforts to achieve a circular economy.

For further information, please contact

Per Olsson, CEO Cassandra Oil AB, tel: +46 73 55 88 900
Jonas Roupé, Head of marketing, Ragn-Sells AB, tel +46 73 066 6828

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