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Cassandra Oil obtains unique ECHA and REACH registration for oil produced from mixed waste plastics and tyres


Cassandra Oil’s technology, where hydrocarbon based waste, such as used tyres and mixed plastics, is converted into a crude comparable oil, is now in a very stimulating position in today’s increasingly environmentally concerned world. The commercially viable technology which enables recycling of hydrocarbon-rich waste, including household waste plastics, like food packaging, transforms the waste into oil in only a few seconds.  The recent registration of the oil produced from waste is considered unique by ECHA and REACH which means that Cassandra Oil is the only waste conversion company in Europe who are entitled to sell their oil in large quantities to refineries on the open EU and global market.


From a sustainability perspective, the use of oil from the CASO process enables a reduction of average 87% CO2 emissions if compared to fossil based crude oil sources of the same properties. The combination of being able to recycle mixed plastics, achieving substantial environmental benefits while producing renewable oil that can replace fossil crude oil, gives Cassandra Oil an advantage on the Circular Economy scene.

About CASO oil products:

The CASO produced oil is comparable to light crude oils and contains full range of hydrocarbons within the carbon range of C5 – C30. The oil from waste can be used in refineries and chemical plants and it is free from impurities such as water, sediment and metals to the acceptable levels. In addition, the oil is stable and shows a good blending potential with natural crude oils. All characteristics of the oil is tested with credible international laboratories and applicability is tested together with international refining companies which are also potential buyers of the renewable oil. Other potential buyers are various manufacturers with high energy consumption as well as chemical companies.


Information about REACH:

REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) is a EU Regulation concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals. REACH requires manufacturers and importers to notify the European regulatory authorities about the use of hazardous substances.

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